The Attack on Washington Part 2

After getting into Washington late the previous evening, Sam woke from a deep sleep feeling energized and confident about beginning the investigation. Arriving at the White house Sam was led by a secret service man to the oval office. “Hi Drew.” Said Sam entering the room “Hey Sam, I’m sorry you had to come here under the circumstances.” said Drew. “You know what don’t worry about it, it’s not everyday that I get help the president of the Untied States with a murder spree investigation. What do you want me to do first?”  “About five minutes before you came in to this office, we just had got wind of another murder but this one happened right here in Washington. Because the murder happened right here in Washington I’m probably going to be one of the next few target.” “Let me guess, you want me to go to the crime scene and see if I can get any information that might help us find this guy.” “You know me too well Sam” said Drew grinning as though he was proud. “Pulling into a side street it wasn’t very difficult to find the crime scene. With a body lying on a stretcher, squad cars surrounding the tall building, and a helicopter floating above. Sam could tell that the killer was still inside the building. “I’m special agent McCarthy I work for the President of the Untied States.” said McCarthy walking up to the officer standing a foot away from the body. Assuming that since the officer let Sam go by he would be able to look at the body. Sam went up to the body bag and unzipped the zipper, when he gazed into the bag to see who the victim was his eyes widened as he stared into the persons face. Once the shock of seeing his cousin who was the senator of California wore off, Sam collapsed to his knees and tears began to roll down his face. He knew he would probably be the person to break the news to the rest of his family. After what seemed like hours to Sam, he suddenly remembered why he was here. Without thinking or knowing what to do Sam barreled into the building thinking to himself, where the hell are you? I can’t let him get his hands on the president. Sam ran in office after office after office, up and down staircase after staircase but no sign of the killer. Exiting the building the worst possible thought for this situation came into Sam’s mind, has the killer got to the president already? If so is he dead? With the thought circulating in his head Sam rocketed to the White House as fast as they could without being pulled over. “Mr. President” said Sam barreling into the oval office, beads of sweat running down his face. The chair behind the desk turned and Sam was expecting to see the president, unsurprised when the chair completed the turn Sam wasn’t looking and the president of the United States. The person sitting in the chair was his brother, Mike McCarthy. Sam reached for his gun and said to Mike. “Why you want to kill these people? “I killed those people because I wanted to be noticed, I wanted to be known for something. It was easy for you, you were the popular one in high school. Then you became a detective, you were in the news almost every night, people knew you.” “But why politicians? This is a federal offense you’ll be going to prison for life. I can’t save you this time.” Said Sam as if to say goodbye. “But there is one more person on my list to kill.” Said Mike his face breaking into a smile. But before Mike could even grab his gun and Sam without thinking had pulled the trigger. Mike’s eyes widened as he heard the shot of the gun and saw the bullet coming right for his forehead. The bullet had hit its target and Mike laid motionless in the chair, on able to harm another politician again.


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