The Attack on Washington Part 1

Sitting in the oval office, the President of the United States was waiting for a phone call from a leader in a foreign country. As he began looking out the window to pass the time because he could not continue with the matter at hand without the phone call, there came a knock on the office door. “Come in.” said the president. The head of the Secret Service entered the room looking as if he just misplaced a million dollars. “Mr. President we have learned of a mass murder spree, every single victim has been identified as a politician. We also believe that this person’s next victim will possibly be you Mr. President.” he said with same look of misplacing a million dollars he came into the room with. “Did you guys find any leads on who might want me dead.” asked the President staring out the window behind his desk. “There are no leads so far but we are still looking.” he said with confidence. “I’ve gotta get a expert on mass murders to protect and help me track this son of a bitch down.” he said slamming his fist on the desk, his eyes bulging out of his head. “Sir, do you want me to call some of my contacts to see if they know of anyone who is a expert with mass murders?” “No thanks, I have somebody in mind.” said the President now pacing the office. The head of the secret service left the office feeling a bit better about the situation. The phone rang, it was answered by a man from Jacksonville Florida. “Hello.” said Sam McCarthy sitting out in sun and wiping sweat from his forehead. “What up Sam, this is Drew James the President.” “Oh, how are you and the presidency?” said Sam shocked to talking to the president, but also hearing from someone he hasn’t heard from in years. “I’m good, but the presidency not so much. I did your help.” “With what?” he asked very curious as to what the president of the United States would need his help with. “A source inside the White House has told me that someone has been on a massive murder spree of politicians. They also told me that they believe that I could be the next possible victim. I thought since you deal with murder sprees very day that you could come to Washington D.C. and help us track this son of bitch down. What do you say?” “Sure, when do you need me in Washington?” said Sam hesitantly. “As soon as possible because the murderer could show up at any given moment.” Said Drew looking out the window hoping that day would never come. “Ok I will see you in a few days” “Sounds good. Talking to you later Sam bye.” Said drew relieved. “Bye Drew.”


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