Days Spoilers: May Sweeps Brings Shocking Returns & Storylines

May is finally here in the world of soaps, and Days of Our Lives is planning some big storylines to keep up with their competitors during sweeps. Nearly all the big characters will be involved in the fun, which will include some shocking returns to Salem, and even some scary moments.

According to Serial Spy, things are about to heat up in Salem after a rather stale few weeks. Perhaps the most beloved character on the show, Hope Brady will be getting a huge shock as her former fiancé, Aiden Jennings, will be returning to the show.

Days of Our Lives fans will remember that Aiden was shockingly killed by Hope’s now late husband, Bo Brady, after trying to kill Hope on their wedding night. However, since he’s returning to the show, it is safe to say that it wasn’t really Aiden that was killed by Bo. Perhaps the DiMera family found an evil doppelganger to carry out their devilish plan of killing Hope. It seems that fans will find out very soon as Aiden is due back in Salem.

Aiden will cause a lot of problems for Hope, who is now entering a serious relationship with Rafe. Hope will likely be torn between the two men, and won’t know what to do or who to pick.

Meanwhile, Belle and Shawn will find their way back to one another, as Days of Our Lives fans have been waiting for them to do, and Joey and Ava will run away together to California, which will prompt Steve to go after them. Steve will also encounter problems when he sees Kayla starting to get close to Fynn.

Another teen couple, Ciara and Theo, will also continue to grow closer, even though Theo’s father, Abe, won’t be happy about his son falling so hard for Ciara, who is currently in a downward spiral after being raped by Chase Jennings, Aiden’s son.

Days of Our Lives viewers will also get to watch Nicole work her magic, as she will leave Deimos conflicted between the woman he’s been seeing, Kate, and the one who looks exactly like his lost love. This will likely make Victor happy as he’ll feel his plan to get back at his younger brother is working.

Abigail and Chad’s story will also have people tuning in. Abby, who is currently in the middle of a mental breakdown, recently admitted herself into a mental hospital, where she’s not exactly thriving. Chad is raising their son, Thomas, on his own, and it’s already been revealed that Abby’s mother, Jennifer will try to get custody of the baby while Abigail is getting help.

Meanwhile, Jennifer will have a pretty intense storyline of her own. Days of Our Lives viewers have been watching as Jen’s addiction to pain medication has grown worse. She’s spiraling out of control due to the addiction, and it will get so bad that she’ll eventually hit rock bottom, and a familiar face will be there to help her.

Jennifer’s late husband, Jack Deveraux, will return during the month of May, and fans couldn’t be more excited. While Jen will likely be the only one to see Jack, because he’ll probably appear in memories or as a spirit, viewers are hoping that he’ll help Jennifer get her life back on track.

Perhaps the most shocking May sweeps storyline coming up on Days of Our Lives is the big epidemic that will be coming to Salem. The illness will hit Paul, Gabi, and Gabi’s young daughter, Arianna, first, and will lead to the hospital being quarantined. Which storyline are you most looking forward to during May sweeps on Days of Our Lives? Story by Amanda Lynne of the Inquisitr.


List of Packers who did not travel to New England

Green Bay Packers - Official Blog

The following players did not travel for Thursday night’s game between the Green Bay Packers and the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium:

Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers
1 WR Adrian Coxson
10 WR Javess Blue
23 CB Damarious Randall
25 CB Tay Glover-Wright
28 S Sean Richardson
39 CB Demetri Goodson
50 T Vince Kowalski
52 LB Clay Matthews
53 LB Nick Perry
76 DT Mike Daniels
84 WR Jared Abbrederis
96 LB Mike Neal
98 DT Letroy Guion

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Why I No Longer Want To Be Gay

This unbelievable

Thought Catalog

Looking / Looking /

I no longer want to be gay. I know that on the surface this statement reeks of the denial, self-loathing and internalized homophobia commonly associated with accepting and integrating ones gayness but truth is, I just don’t want to be gay anymore. It has outlived its usefulness. I have experienced all aspects of the life and can safely say that it no longer speaks to the person that I am or want to become. I didn’t always feel this way.

Initially I came to this community searching for love, intimacy and brotherhood. In return, I got shade, infidelity, loneliness and disunity. The self-loathing in this community forces you to encounter a series of broken men who are self-destructive, hurtful, cruel and vindictive towards one another. I have struggled to adapt my moral code to fit the behaviors concomitant with the lifestyle but it seems that the…

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Big Ten Tournament Final Preview

The Wisconsin Badgers take on the Michigan State Spartans in the Big Ten Tournament Final later this afternoon. After seeing the latest projections this morning, I really believe if Wisconsin can take care of business against Michigan State they will be a number 1 seed in the 2015 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. I think the Badgers have the basketball inside to the post position early in the game. Frank Kaminsky yet again will be and must be a big part of our performance today. Josh Gasser will be a big key on the defensive end of floor in this huge for the Badgers.

Wisconsin Wins Tourney and Gets a 1 Seed

The Wisconsin Badgers beat the Michigan State Spartans 79-69 in the Big Ten Tournament Final today. With their win, they were given the final number 1 seed in this year’s 2015 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Bracket. Wisconsin will face Costal Carolina in Omaha, Nebraska on Friday. With 7:44 remaining in regulation, the Badgers were down 57-46. They went on a 23-12 to force overtime. Then, they went on to keep Michigan State scoreless in the overtime period.

The Attack on Washington Part 2

After getting into Washington late the previous evening, Sam woke from a deep sleep feeling energized and confident about beginning the investigation. Arriving at the White house Sam was led by a secret service man to the oval office. “Hi Drew.” Said Sam entering the room “Hey Sam, I’m sorry you had to come here under the circumstances.” said Drew. “You know what don’t worry about it, it’s not everyday that I get help the president of the Untied States with a murder spree investigation. What do you want me to do first?”  “About five minutes before you came in to this office, we just had got wind of another murder but this one happened right here in Washington. Because the murder happened right here in Washington I’m probably going to be one of the next few target.” “Let me guess, you want me to go to the crime scene and see if I can get any information that might help us find this guy.” “You know me too well Sam” said Drew grinning as though he was proud. “Pulling into a side street it wasn’t very difficult to find the crime scene. With a body lying on a stretcher, squad cars surrounding the tall building, and a helicopter floating above. Sam could tell that the killer was still inside the building. “I’m special agent McCarthy I work for the President of the Untied States.” said McCarthy walking up to the officer standing a foot away from the body. Assuming that since the officer let Sam go by he would be able to look at the body. Sam went up to the body bag and unzipped the zipper, when he gazed into the bag to see who the victim was his eyes widened as he stared into the persons face. Once the shock of seeing his cousin who was the senator of California wore off, Sam collapsed to his knees and tears began to roll down his face. He knew he would probably be the person to break the news to the rest of his family. After what seemed like hours to Sam, he suddenly remembered why he was here. Without thinking or knowing what to do Sam barreled into the building thinking to himself, where the hell are you? I can’t let him get his hands on the president. Sam ran in office after office after office, up and down staircase after staircase but no sign of the killer. Exiting the building the worst possible thought for this situation came into Sam’s mind, has the killer got to the president already? If so is he dead? With the thought circulating in his head Sam rocketed to the White House as fast as they could without being pulled over. “Mr. President” said Sam barreling into the oval office, beads of sweat running down his face. The chair behind the desk turned and Sam was expecting to see the president, unsurprised when the chair completed the turn Sam wasn’t looking and the president of the United States. The person sitting in the chair was his brother, Mike McCarthy. Sam reached for his gun and said to Mike. “Why you want to kill these people? “I killed those people because I wanted to be noticed, I wanted to be known for something. It was easy for you, you were the popular one in high school. Then you became a detective, you were in the news almost every night, people knew you.” “But why politicians? This is a federal offense you’ll be going to prison for life. I can’t save you this time.” Said Sam as if to say goodbye. “But there is one more person on my list to kill.” Said Mike his face breaking into a smile. But before Mike could even grab his gun and Sam without thinking had pulled the trigger. Mike’s eyes widened as he heard the shot of the gun and saw the bullet coming right for his forehead. The bullet had hit its target and Mike laid motionless in the chair, on able to harm another politician again.

The Attack on Washington Part 1

Sitting in the oval office, the President of the United States was waiting for a phone call from a leader in a foreign country. As he began looking out the window to pass the time because he could not continue with the matter at hand without the phone call, there came a knock on the office door. “Come in.” said the president. The head of the Secret Service entered the room looking as if he just misplaced a million dollars. “Mr. President we have learned of a mass murder spree, every single victim has been identified as a politician. We also believe that this person’s next victim will possibly be you Mr. President.” he said with same look of misplacing a million dollars he came into the room with. “Did you guys find any leads on who might want me dead.” asked the President staring out the window behind his desk. “There are no leads so far but we are still looking.” he said with confidence. “I’ve gotta get a expert on mass murders to protect and help me track this son of a bitch down.” he said slamming his fist on the desk, his eyes bulging out of his head. “Sir, do you want me to call some of my contacts to see if they know of anyone who is a expert with mass murders?” “No thanks, I have somebody in mind.” said the President now pacing the office. The head of the secret service left the office feeling a bit better about the situation. The phone rang, it was answered by a man from Jacksonville Florida. “Hello.” said Sam McCarthy sitting out in sun and wiping sweat from his forehead. “What up Sam, this is Drew James the President.” “Oh, how are you and the presidency?” said Sam shocked to talking to the president, but also hearing from someone he hasn’t heard from in years. “I’m good, but the presidency not so much. I did your help.” “With what?” he asked very curious as to what the president of the United States would need his help with. “A source inside the White House has told me that someone has been on a massive murder spree of politicians. They also told me that they believe that I could be the next possible victim. I thought since you deal with murder sprees very day that you could come to Washington D.C. and help us track this son of bitch down. What do you say?” “Sure, when do you need me in Washington?” said Sam hesitantly. “As soon as possible because the murderer could show up at any given moment.” Said Drew looking out the window hoping that day would never come. “Ok I will see you in a few days” “Sounds good. Talking to you later Sam bye.” Said drew relieved. “Bye Drew.”

Big Ten champion Badgers talk about possible No. 1 seed in NCAA tournament

Big Ten champion Badgers talk about possible No. 1 seed in NCAA tournament

Big Ten Network

[btn-fdm-player id=”413245507914″ overlay=”Badgers dominate Purdue in second half” title=”B1G HIGHLIGHT” content=”Bronson Koenig’s career day helps Wisconsin rally past Purdue on Saturday.”]

CHICAGO — March Madness is here, and Big Ten champion Wisconsin is in the thick of it all.

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The Badgers put together a dominant second half en route to a 71-51 win over Purdue on Saturday in the Big Ten tournament semifinals.

With the likes of Duke and Virginia losing in the ACC tournament semifinals Friday, the chances of Wisconsin grabbing a No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament seem to be getting more realistic by the day.

Will the Badgers get a coveted No. 1 seed? Of course, they first have to beat Michigan State in the Big Ten tourney finals.

I asked several Badgers following the team’s win over Purdue about the possibility and how much it’s…

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2015 Big Ten Men’s Basketball Tournament: Best of Day 4

2015 Big Ten Men’s Basketball Tournament: Best of Day 4

Big Ten Network

[btn-fdm-player id=”413223491898″ overlay=”Frank Kaminsky leads the Badger break!” title=”B1G HIGHLIGHT” content=”Frank Kaminsky leads the Wisconsin break and assists Sam Dekker’s dunk.”]

CHICAGO — It was a day of comebacks in the Big Ten tournament semifinals Saturday afternoon at the United Center.

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No. 1-seed Wisconsin erased a five-point halftime deficit en route to downing No. 4-seed Purdue, 71-51, and No. 3-seed Michigan State rallied from 16 points down to dispatch No. 2-seed Maryland, 62-58.

Get senior writer Tom Dienhart’s Best of Day 4 at the Big Ten tourney below.

Biggest surprise: How about those Spartans? As the No. 3 seed, Michigan State knocked off No. 2 Maryland to advance to the Big Ten title game for the third time in four seasons. The Spartans are 4-0 all-time in the event, winning in 1999, 2000, 2012 and 2014. Tom Izzo’s crew…

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Dienhart’s rapid reaction: Wisconsin rallies, runs away from Purdue

Dienhart’s rapid reaction: Wisconsin rallies, runs away from Purdue

Big Ten Network

[btn-fdm-player id=”413224515703″ overlay=”Bronson Koenig gets creative on this shot” title=”B1G HIGHLIGHT” content=”Bronson Koenig hits deep runner off one leg to beat the shot clock.”]

CHICAGO — The Big Ten regular-season champs are one win away from being Big Ten tourney champs, too.

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No. 1-seed Wisconsin erased a five-point halftime deficit en route to running away from No. 4-seed Purdue, 71-51, in the first Big Ten tourney semifinal Saturday at the United Center.

Get senior writer Tom Dienhart’s rapid reaction to Wisconsin’s win.

Top star: Bronson Koenig was on fire for Wisconsin, scoring a game-high and career-high 19 points on 7-of-14 shooting. He drained three 3-pointers, as the Badgers had four players in double-figures. Koenig was equally deadly shooting from long range or driving the hoop.

Top stat: 3, turnovers for Wisconsin. It was another classic exhibition by the Badgers…

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